Benjamin “Benj” Massey II





Benjamin “Benj,” has walked alongside couples and individuals for years – providing them a safe harbor to find new meaning, strength and hope as they face the challenging storms that come their way. Benj is a proven leader in growing individuals and communities. His respect for all humanity and adventurous spirit led him to Nepal earlier in his career where he started a vocational training center and creative workshop to teach pottery among the homeless community. He also helped lead teams in remote mountain villages to provide crisis relief. When working to meet the complex needs of individuals and communities, he began to see the importance of addressing the whole person. This expanded view led him into the field of counseling. Benj sees life as filled with wonder and joy alongside times of disconnection and emotional pain. He has a passion for pursuing wholeness and guides his clients to do the same as they work to integrate the mental, emotional, physical, relational, cultural, and spiritual aspects of their life within themselves and their relationships. 
Benj’s specialties include relationship difficulties, trauma, addiction, pre-marital counseling, marital enrichment, Emotionally Focused Counseling (EFT), Developmental and Relational Trauma (DART in-process), sexual issues, interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness, adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety and the Enneagram.   
On a personal note, Benj is married and has 2 children. In his free time, he enjoys pottery, photography, working with his hands, skiing, playing soccer and spending time with his wife and kids. He also loves to curl up with a hot cup of coffee to read a good book, one paragraph at a time, in between questions from his daughter and wrestling challenges from his son, and then drinking his coffee cold. He also finds joy in travelling, eating local food, being outside and learning from others. 
“I consider it an honor to work with individuals and couples as they regain wholeness, connection and find more of the abundant life.”