Emily Baumann, MA, PCC





As a student of growth and healing for 20 years, Emily is a believer that what we know matters, but who we are matters more. She loves to come alongside her clients and offer knowledge, encouragement and comfort after experiencing set-backs and heartaches. From the time she was a young girl she has cherished people and sought to celebrate and embrace life in all its beauty and brokenness.

Emily uses warmth, empathy, powerful questions and respect for humanity to create a safe place for her clients to tell their stories and acknowledge the truth. She believes that the truth sets us free, but sometimes it hurts first. She guides her clients towards reinventing themselves in times of transition. She helps her clients identify and build a life around what they value. Emily is a passionate life-long learner who has dedicated thousands of hours to become a seasoned coach and counselor. She enjoys diversifying her practice between adults, helping professionals, spiritual leaders, creatives, tired and loving Moms, visionaries, children and highly sensitive people.

Her specialties include life coaching, pastoral counseling, grief, women’s issues, highly sensitive people (HSP), building confident girls, identity work, emotional intelligence (EQ), healthy relationship skills, career & life purpose. Her favorite modalities are solution-focused brief therapy as well as guiding clients to deepen self-understanding, motivation, personality insight, self-compassion, and strengthening our ability to connect to God, self, and others. Emily also enjoys writing, speaking and communications opportunities at L2T.

On a personal note, Emily is happily married and has 2 children. She was also graced to receive bonus family 15 years ago when she married. She values the wisdom she has gained through her own journey of finding fulfillment and accepting learning that comes the hard way. Her interests include, faith and spirituality, investing in her community, being on the water, caring for orphans and vulnerable children abroad, laughing with friends and dreaming of what’s possible in this one beautiful life. A favorite happy spot is planting sunflowers and zinnias with her family at home.