Learn2Thrive’s Three-Day Intensive Workshops is a three-day family of origin workshop. It is held at the Learn2Thrive office in Kenwood, OH. The hours of the workshop are from 9am—6pm each day (either Wed-Fri or Thurs-Sat workshops).

AudrieAna Gardner, MSW, LISW-S and Gwynn Lamm, MA, LPC
We are therapists at Learn2Thrive and have our certificate in Developmental and Relational Trauma (DARTT). Both of us have been through our own 3-day intensive workshops so we know what it is like to go through it. We believe that this workshop will be a great benefit to you on your emotional growth journey and is likely to be a life-changing experience.

Contact us for specific workshop dates – 513-657-9337 or [email protected]

The fee is $500 per day for a total of $1500. This is not typically billable to your insurance. You may pay all at once when you register OR in the following three installments.

L2t Institute seeks to provide seminars, education, support, and therapy groups directly to the community. You do not need to be an individual therapy client to participate in L2t Institute classes and groups. Below you will find our upcoming group offerings.

There is some growth and healing that can only occur in groups! Our support groups are therapeutic in nature. They are not peer led. Instead, they are led by licensed clinicians who use their clinical skills along with their life experience to aid you in your healing. The groups will be kept small so make sure to reserve the dates that work for you in advance.

Instructor/Facilitator: Gwynn Lamm, MA, LPC
DETAILS: $60 for 90 min meeting  / small group format / meets every other Tuesday from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


Contact us for specific workshop dates – 513-657-9337 or [email protected]

AudrieAna Gardner, MSW, LISW-S

A dynamic leader in the field of emotional wellness for over 10 years, AudrieAna is the Founder and Director of Learn2Thrive and is currently in the process of launching Thrive Institute. AudrieAna’s passion and determination to make best practices in learning, growing, healing, and thriving available to all have led to building a strong team of clinicians and coaches.

Gwynn Durbin, MA, LPCC

Gwynn has wanted to be a therapist from the time she was a child! Fast forward to today, where she maintains a robust practice here at L2T. Gwynn is passionate about helping her clients become the best version of themselves.

Katharina “Katie” March, MA, LPCC-S

Katie has been equipping, encouraging, and empowering women, mothers, and athletes for 10 years. She finds great purpose in walking alongside women in all their seasons of life.