Kevin Salkil





Kevin is not currently accepting clients.

Kevin has spent 20 years as a seasoned educator and lifelong learner. Those that know him best describe him as extraverted, adventurous and having the ability to draw humor out of life. He’s also served 10 years as a Children’s Pastor and high school Chaplain. His positivity and authenticity make him someone people are drawn to. Kevin is a creative and a problem-solver who enjoys being a part of the solutions in the world.

Kevin is excited helping people navigate their stories. “I like to think that we’re all living in a story. There are moments the page we are on is awful. During those times it’s important to remember that it’s just one page. I’m drawn to help people see and make sense of their story.” He enjoys partnering with his clients in a supportive and safe manner.

Kevin believes in the holistic nature and powerful impact of psychological, spiritual and emotional health. Kevin enjoys working with individuals but especially enjoys families.
In his work with families Kevin and his clients experience a dynamic opportunity to positively impact the generations.

Kevin’s specialties are adolescents, couples and families. He leans into family systems as a chosen modality.

Kevin is married (his wife is a therapist, too!) He is the father to a young adult son. In his free time he loves to backpack, fly fish, and kayak. He also enjoys photography and often spotted with his camera. He is a lifelong fan of all Oklahoma sports. “When you grow up in Oklahoma, everyone cheers for Oklahoma forever!”
Kevin also enjoys movies and his favorites include, The Godfather, Shawshank Redemption and Inside Out.